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iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader

The iMark microplate absorbance reader offers fast reading speeds, extensive onboard software capabilities, a preprogrammed validation protocol and a built-in printer in a compact, lightweight unit. The iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader, with a wavelength range of 400–750 nm, is an economical, high-performance solution for a wide range of applications, including immunoassays with colorimetric substrates, such as ELISA, and protein assays such as Bradford and Lowry. The instrument can be used as a stand-alone reader or be controlled by a PC or Mac with Microplate Manager® 6 Software

Features and Benefits of the iMark Reader

  • Fast microplate reading speeds
  • Extensive onboard assay configuration
  • Powerful data analysis capabilities
  • Convenient built-in shaker
  • Space-saving, wide-format internal thermal graphical printer
  • Simplified standalone operation
  • Compact, easy-to-use, and lightweight design
  • Compatible with different types of 96-well microplates (flat, U-, V-bottom) and 8- or 12-well strip plates; maximum plate height: 16 mm

Features and Benefits of the iMark Reader Onboard Software

  • Wide applicability for life science and clinical laboratories
  • Programmable kinetic reading
  • Security login that allows locking and unlocking of key protocol settings by the administrator
  • Generous memory capacity for protocol creation and storage
  • Comprehensive curve-fit selections
  • Extensive reporting functions
  • Preprogrammed protocols for the Checkmark™ Reader performance verification kit, to validate the IQ/OQ/PQ of the iMark Reader in compliance with GLP
  • Other life science and specialized protocols included such as for the Bio-Rad TSE kits and a growing number of food testing and clinical kits
The iMark Reader comes with six standard absorbance filters: 415, 450, 490, 595, 655, and 750 nm. Bio-Rad also supplies custom filters at 5 nm intervals from 400 to 750 nm on request.

Plate Compatibility

  • Compatible with standard 96-well microplates 128 mm L x 88 mm W
  • Plate height cannot exceed 16 mm
  • Clear flat-bottom plates  are recommended such as Bio-Rad’s Costar 96–Well Flat–Bottom EIA Plate (2240096)
  • U-Bottom plates can be used, but V-bottom plates are not recommended

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iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader

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