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Cobas C 111 Analyzer

Fully Automated clinical chemistry analyzer

Small box. Big performance.

The cobas c 111 analyser is the smallest member of the cobas® serum work area platform family and the ideal solution for clinical chemistry testing in laboratories running 10 to 50 samples per day.

Designed to fit in many ways

With a comprehensive test menu and easy integration of STAT samples, it can support testing of both routine clinical chemistry panels and rapid turnaround critical care markers. In addition, the cobas c 111 analyser uses the same reagent formulations as the larger cobas® clinical chemistry analysers. This standardizes patient results, which is vital to integrated laboratory networks serving outpatient services, emergency departments and clinics, as well as private laboratories serving primary care physicians.

High quality of results

  • Comprehensive testing capabilities
  • Results you can trust

Maximum uptime

  • Highly reliable system delivering  99 % uptime1
  • Excellent support provided by Roche organisations worldwide

Increased efficiency

  • Essential routine testing on a small footprint
  • Simplified system operation

Optimized workflow

  • Reducing complexity for a range of laboratories, both networked or standalone
  • Consistent results across the cobas platform

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Cobas C 111 Analyzer

Fully Automated clinical chemistry analyzer
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