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Benchtop Tube Sealer


WeldOn-B is a robust benchtop sealer with consistent performance. ideally suited for blood component separation lobs. WeldOn-B helps to keep the bolld bag system completely sterile. Ensures quality sealing with clear rupture line for easy tear apart segments. Safely features & monitoring system makes it an ideal choice of users.
  • Senses the blood bag tube for automatic sealing process
  • Anti-spark and overheat protection system to avoid damage to system & tubing
  • Continuous status updates on LCD
    • Ready to Seal
    • Sealing in process
    • Sealing completed
  • Easy to remove sealing head cap for quick cleaning
  • Seal with clear break line for snap-apart separation
  • Splash guard for technician safety

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Benchtop Tube Sealer

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